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ONERA (Office National d’Etudes et Recherches Aérospatiales) is the French national aerospace research center. It is a public research establishment, with eight major facilities in France and about 2,000 employees, including 1,500 scientists, engineers and technicians.

ONERA was originally created by the French government in 1946, and assigned six key missions:

  • Direct and conduct aeronautical research
  • Support the commercialization of this research by national and European industry
  • Construct and operate the associated experimental facilities
  • Supply industry with high-level technical analyses and other services.
  • Perform technical analyses for the government
  • Train researchers and engineers


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The “Laboratoire d’Excellence” CeLyA (Lyon Acoustics Center) is a research network created in 2011 and linking together the researchers working in acoustics and vibration around Lyon. Its activities concentrate on three main directions: the characterization and control of noise sources; the propagation of acoustic waves through complex media; and the effects of acoustic waves on human beings.

A permanent staff of more than 80 researchers and about 90 PhD students and Postdocs are working on the following main research topics: Aeroacoustics, Vibroacoustics, Signal and image processing, Ultrasound for medical imaging and therapy, Sound perception, Psychoacoustics and Cognitive psychology.

CeLyA website




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Liebherr – Aerospace Toulouse SAS.

The cabin air conditioning is of paramount importance for safety and comfort on board. Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS therefore develops and manufactures complete air management systems to ensure an ideal cabin climate. Its system competency ranges from engine bleed air right to fresh air distribution in the cabin. The innovative systems are in demand in civil and military aviation worldwide, and are in use in fixed wing aircraft as well as in helicopters.

Liebherr website


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Exa Corporation develops, markets, and supports a suite of CAE and CFD simulation software tools including PowerFLOW®, PowerDELTA®, PowerCLAY®, PowerVIZ®, PowerACOUSTICS™, PowerINSIGHT™, PowerCOOL® and PowerTHERM® along with professional engineering consulting services. Exa’s products and services enable engineers to create competitive designs, while shortening product design cycles, and speeding time-to-market.

PowerFLOW is based on the Lattice Boltzmann method with many proprietary extensions developed by Exa. A hybrid LBM-VLES turbulence model enables highly resolved unsteady simulations with superior accuracy at a fraction of the cost of comparable LES simulations. Simulations are built directly on CAD models without requiring geometry simplifications. The volume meshing process is fully automatic, and highly advanced post-processing methods make very fast turnaround times from CAD to results analysis possible.

PowerFLOW is helping our customers to address critical issues in the quest for greener aviation, such as low-noise and more efficient aircraft. The unique characteristics of the PowerFLOW simulation suite has made high-fidelity aeroacoustic simulations of detailed industrial geometries such as landing gears and high-lift devices possible for the first time with the high accuracy level and short turnaround time required in an industrial development process.

Aero-acoustic simulations can now be performed early in the development process with a real impact on aircraft design. Exa has transformed the use of CFD in the automotive and aerospace industries over the last decade by transforming it from an analysis tool to a true design tool. A partial customer list in the Aerospace industry includes

NASA, Airbus, Embraer, Gulfstream, SNECMA and Honeywell, as well as BMW, Chrysler, Ford, Hyundai, Kenworth, MAN, Nissan, Peterbilt, Renault, Scania, Toyota, Volkswagen and many other OEM’s and suppliers in the automotive industry.



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MicrodB offers expertise in the identification and characterization of acoustic sources. It is reflected through high added value services, methodology definition and software/hardware developments. In aeroacoustics, MicrodB is recognized and has worked with OEM to 1) define and provide wind tunnel acoustic solutions based on arrays, 2) carry out modal analysis in ducts, 3) perform sound source localization in exterior and interior, etc… MicrodB will present 4 articles during the AIAA conference in Lyon to share its latest developments. MicrodB also has several partnerships to reinforce its offer. MicrodB, subsidiary of the VibraTec Group, benefits from this strong alliance which combines each partner’s respective expertise in acoustics and vibration, increasing their research and development capabilities and diversifying and strengthening their resources. An academic partnership with the Lyon’s internationally renowned universities (ECL and INSA in CeLyA Excellence laboratory) has been created through the shared laboratory P3A (Aero Acoustic Array Platform) recently recognized by the French National Research Agency (ANR). By bringing together academia and private partners for research in a field where industrial applications are required, the Labcom P3A is an ideal tool to facilitate the transmission of progress achieved in public research to industry. MicrodB also works with the Siemens group to sell off-the-shelf and customized solutions in sound source identification worldwide.



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Le Mans Acoustique is a new institute founded to further the interests of acoustics-based projects in research, innovation and dissemination on a local, national and international level. From the outset, the institute was well received by local authorities and trusts who offered their official support. The regional authority takes a particular interest as part of its research, training and innovation program (RFI in

French). Le Mans Acoustique brings together the acoustics players of Le Mans and the Region Pays de la Loire (Western France) to spread around the world its unique concentration of expertise in acoustics. Le Mans Acoustique aims to create synergies between research, education and innovation (industrial companies) and to foster collaborative projects in the field of acoustics.

Le Mans Acoustique has over 300 players working in the field of acoustics, making the city of Le Mans the world capital of acoustics.

Among the many partners, feel free to contact us to get in touch with the LAUM (acoustic research lab of the university), CTTM (tech transfer center), ENSIM (Engineering School), ESBAM (Design school), ITEMM (music instrument factor european institute).




All industry applications bring their own challenges, but aerospace testing can be one of the harshest, pushing microphones to their limits. At G.R.A.S we know that measurements often need to be carried out in high speed, turbulent air-flows, where it is vital that the microphone itself does not affect the measurements – and where the testing equipment has to be durable under extreme conditions. Often you only have one chance to record data so validation is vital.

And because we work closely with you, we are well aware of your needs and the challenges you face in such a unique industry. If we can improve your testing, you can improve your products.

G.R.A.S. has become an integral part of the aerospace industry, dedicated to finding new ways of testing. From standard microphones, customized flyover arrays or microphones for extreme sound pressures, G.R.A.S. has the right microphones to help you develop tomorrow’s airplanes today.


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